February 18, 2016


So.  February.  Fertilizer is happening, cogs are moving.  Announcements will soon be made.  But that's not postworthy news.  This is a writer's blog and the important update is, I'm writing.

I don't stress myself with daily goals or weekly quotas, but I do obsess about producing at least one big thing every year.  "Big" is a flexible adjective for size, but it should be something that stands by its own in a library.  "Producing" means writing a finished, non-apologizing manuscript not selling or publishing it.  And "thing" implies it doesn't even need a purpose. It may be my next book, or just an idea that took up too much room in my head so I just put it on paper in any random form. This one in the picture belongs to the latter kind. It's called The FOSS. And apparently it's a TV script.

"But do you work in TV or have any contacts in that world?" No.

"Do you have any experience as a screenwriter in English?" No.

"Do you even know what to do with this?" No.

But it's 60 minutes and it counts as biggish and it's written. And it's only February. :)