July 10, 2018

Event Alert: San Diego Comic Con!

Are you going? Because I'll be going. Will you be in cosplay? I won't. I'm supposed to be working.


- Thursday, July 19, 10:30 am
- KDPG booth (1515-I)

PANEL + SIGNING: "The Thrill of the Chase: Pursuing the Truth"

- Friday, July 20, 3 pm.
- Room 29AB
- Post-panel signing starting 4.30 pm at Autographing Area 9

ATTENTION: Copies of my new novel This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us will be sold at the KDPG booth. Not the ARCthe real hardcover book, ahead of its official release day! Be the first to get it!

July 2, 2018

Event Alert: #Problematic Tour!

The Kimreans hit the stores on July 31, and I'll be hitting the road with them! Come meet the twins, see me try to read as the stupid text keeps blasting through fourth walls like a wrecking ball and get your copy of This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us doodled, signed, and fresh from the press. See you!

July 30 - 7 pm @ WORD Jersey City (123 Newark Ave - Jersey City, NJ)

July 31 - 6:30 pm @ Murder by the Book (2342 Bissonnet Street - Houston, TX)

August 1 - 7 pm @ Interabang (10720 Preston Rd. Ste. 1009B - Dallas, TX)

August 2 - 6 pm @ Full Circle Books (50 Penn Place, 1900 NW Expressway - Oklahoma City, OK)

August 3 - 7:30 pm @ Books Are Magic (225 Smith St. - Brooklyn, NY)

August 6 - 7 pm @ Poisoned Pen (4014 N Goldwater Blvd - Scottsdale, AZ)

August 7 - 7 pm @ Bookshop West Portal (80 West Portal Avenue - San Francisco, CA)

August 8 - 7 pm @ Copperfield's - (140 Kentucky St. - Petaluma, CA)

August 9 - 7 pm @ Elliott Bay Books (1521 Tenth Avenue - Seattle, WA)

June 25, 2018

Nobody Does It Better Than Scooby

I wrote a little piece for CrimeReads about genre fiction and the high standards that children's entertainment sets for trope exploitation. You can guess my position by comparing Meddling Kids or even The Supernatural Enhancements with a certain Saturday morning cartoon. Or comparing my upcoming novel with this Spanish comic-book from 1989. Kids know where the good stuff is.

June 19, 2018


Just a few words in the aftermath of the Meddling Tour: THANK YOU. To the stores, to my hosts, and to every fan who came by. It was amazing to meet you. I am oozing endorphines.

Photo by @masterbookmonster

To those who couldn't make it, there should be at least a few doodled paperbacks of Meddling Kids available in Subtext, Boswell and Bookpeople. To those in other cities: stay tuned.

June 12, 2018

My question is in six parts and actually an interview

While I'm packing for the big Meddling Tour starting tomorrow, make sure to check this preliminary interview with Matt Wild before I have a chat with him at the Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee on June 14. Did you know Nate almost never made it to the book? It's a fact now, cause I said it in an interview.

Catch me at Boswell or any of the other venues this week, and ask your own questions! I change my mind on a daily basis!

Photo by @gandalfandunicorns