August 12, 2014

The Supernatural Week

It's arrived.

As of today, my English debut novel The Supernatural Enhancements is on sale in US and Canada, published by Doubleday.

And the UK edition will be available next Thursday 14, by Del Rey.

Also, US denizens, remember there are copies with signed and doodled bookplates available only through The Mysterious Bookshop in New York.

And that's it. It's been 27 months since I wrote it, 20 since it got an agent, 18 since she sold it, and about four since we finished editing, proofreading and tweaking. Thanks to all who shared my impatience, and let me take avail of this opportunity to thank heartfully some beautiful early reviewers who livened up these last weeks for me. 

It is a great honor to finally meet my first English-speaking audience. Thanks for your trust, I wish you enjoy it, and I hope to join you soon.

(Meanwhile, in the author's house.)

Betareaders and contributors celebrating.

By the way, never install a ball pit in the way between your bedroom and the toilet. You will regret it in the morning.

EN ROMANCE: Nada, que la edición norteamericana de mi nueva novela sale hoy. Y la británica, este jueves. ¿Y en castellano? ¡Estamos trabajando en ello!