March 22, 2016

It's at a very exciting stage

Yeah, well, uh, answering the question of what I'm doing right nowI am editing something. Yes. You all know what editing looks like.

Yes, it's very much like that gif. The main difference is we use computers instead of typewriters and red pens because we are 6,000 km. apart, but the rest is an accurate portrayal. Including the author working on the roof, or naked. Both have happened. I can't speak for my editor on that bit, but who am I to judge him.

But wait, I didn't tell you what it is we're editing, did I? Okay, remember this new work I posted about last year?

Well, it's happening. Meddling Kids will be my next book in English, to be published by Blumhouse Books in summer/fall 2017. Will keep you updated; thanks for reading.