August 3, 2015

Eight months

Eight months ago, during a business lunch in New York, I pitched some ideas for my next book in English to a publisher and I bluffed that I could have a full manuscript in summer 2015.

Well, it's summer 2015 and, much to my own astonishment, I did it.

Really. I just clicked 'Send' earlier today.

I usually don't keep track of how ideas grow into full texts, because both ends of that line are blurry;  in my experience there was never a starting pistol or a deadline. But I had both this time. Eight months ago, this was a high concept that could be described (and was described) in under a minute. It was essentially these two elements.

But since it was greenlit and I walked out of that business lunch, I cut it loose and let it grow up. I started writing in Brooklyn the next couple weeks and continued back in Barcelona, and it developed its own aesthetic and style and themes. After eight months, it's now all this, and many more things.

It's grown 100K words too. That's uncanny.

What starts now is the part where the writer is not in full control. It's the time of agents and editors and decision-makers, it's the uncertainty period. This may be my next published book, or it may never see light.

But as far as my job goes, it's done. This exists already. And I'm proud. :D