October 23, 2020

A random page from Project X

It's not often a table of contents tells so much about a work in progress, so please enjoy this one. And by the way, it's not called "Project X" anymore. Please refer to it by its chosen title. 

X Balada

July 26, 2020

Season aesthetics

Back when I was writing Meddling Kids I made one of these image collections with some of the raw ingredients/visuals/influences I'd tossed into the pot. Now I've been working on a new project for a few weeks, I thought I might do it again, just to tease the dozen people who look into these things. Hello there, I do enjoy the attention. 

EDITED Sep/14: Let us call this one PROJECT X.

Side note: I miss Tumblr.

July 12, 2020


"I hope my editor likes the new manuscript; it's such a big departure from my previous work."

(Old tweet, but feels fresh anew.)

April 13, 2020

Round Two

>run statrprt.exe file:WIP.odt


word count: 151,980 (-15,513)
page count: 585 (-71)
# of chapters: 111 (-10)
longest chapter length: 4711 words (-330)
shortest chapter length: 173 words (-48)
opening paragraph length: 7 pages
# of footnotes: 22
# of pages in meter: 5
longest string without punctuation marks: 24 lines
# of named human characters: ~175 (-25)
# of chapters featuring most featured character:
status: beta-ready

January 18, 2020

n Cool Things

I recently translated to English some of the weekly content I write for El Jueves magazine so you guys can see my more political, compromised side.