November 9, 2018

The Process

Often in panels and Q&A's comes up a question about the writing process, so it's reasonable to think this might interest somebody.

Rules I usually follow when I write

- I start writing long before I have a plan, the minute I come up with a first paragraph. I don't do lay-outs or synopsis. Usually all I have is a premise, and an idea for a climax; I'll come up with the middle as I go.

- I write in the order people will read it, never skip ahead. Not a chapter, not a graph. If I'm stuck thinking of a good joke, I'm stuck. I don't write a bad joke, I don't write "[insert joke]".

- I don't write drafts. The first version has to read like a finished work. It's not the finished work; I edit a lot; but it has to be a finished work.

- I don't bother to figure out things that won't be in the book. If I'm not talking about a character's background, they don't have one.

- I try to keep the number of characters at a minimum.

- Research is boring. And it will often contradict or nuance the more interesting scenario that you imagined.

- Brevity is an underestimated quality.

Rules I'm following in my current work in progress

- None of the above.

October 16, 2018

The Meddler

So let's say you read Meddling Kids. Let's say you liked it.

Let's say you thought, "I wish there was a sequel."

"The Meddler." A quick short story set in the aftermath of Meddling Kids. Part of the Spooky Short Stories collection by Penguin Random House, now online. For free. Please enjoy.

WARNING: Huge spoilers for Meddling Kids ahead.

September 20, 2018

Event Alert: New York Comic Con!

My schedule for NYCC 2018. Check yours, see if we can meet.


- Sunday, October 7, 12-1 pm
- Knopf Doubleday Group Booth (2204-J)

PANEL: "Weirdness Accessible"

- 1:30 pm.
- Room 1A18


- 2:45 pm.
- Hall 1A Author Autographing Area

All locations at Javits Center. 655 W 34th St, New York, NY

August 29, 2018

Dark Corners

I'm excited to have contributed a storymy first short story in English!to Dark Corners, a new collection of horror fiction coming out on September 27, featuring all original works by big authors like  Lisa Unger, Joyce Carol Oates, Jennifer McMahon, Emily Raboteau, Adam Haslett, and Brandi Reeds.

My story is called There's a Giant Trapdoor Spider Under Your Bed.  It's about this big effing trapdoor spider under someone's bed, so don't you dare say I don't deliver.  And you can pre-order it now.

August 13, 2018

Event Alert: Bookmarks Festival!

I'll be attending Bookmarks' 14th Annual Festival of Books and Authors on September 8 in Winston-Salem, NC. There'll be panels and readings and signings and sumptuous author dinners and unspeakable late night requests to room service. Or so I heard. Anyway, you should totally catch me for some of the first three things. Most events on Saturday are free too, so swing by, and bring me something to draw on!

- Saturday, September 8th. Winston-Salem. North Carolina. More info here.