April 27, 2021

Trans Rights Are Human Rights

And if you support anti-trans legislation or any such sort of reactionary bullshit, just know I will always save one queer kid over a thousand of you. Any day. Bring in the trolley.

March 10, 2021


Though I often scorn research, it is fun to engage in some laid-back worldbuilding and to fiddle with a few graphics before jumping into writing out an idea. Some project folders are created years before the actual text file, either cause the ideas need time to ripen, or you're too busy to get into it now, or you're just afraid of compromise. The good news is by the time you finally start writing, you already have elaborate, enigmatic puzzle pieces to show. 

March 3, 2021

Mentally I'm here


Corporeally too.

Third version of Heaven Park submitted.

January 17, 2021

¡Mirad, un post en castellano! Esto es que quiero venderos algo

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero - Spanish edition

Para todos los que no paraban por este blog desde que está todo en inglés, un resumen rápido de lo ocurrido en "Edgar trabaja en Los Ángeles":

  • Esta es mi cuarta novela, la segunda en inglés, segunda en ser traducida al castellano. Se titula Meddling Kids.
  • La original salió en Estados Unidos en 2017. 
  • La traducción sale en España hoy.
  • Traduce Christian Rodríguez.
  • Publica la editorial Insólita.
  • Va de lesbianas, perretes y monstruos interdimensionales.
  • Compradla o estaréis matando la lengua de Cervantes.

December 20, 2020



Found this picture in my hard drive. It was taken in New York, December 3, 2014. If you care to endure the bad image quality and my handwriting, you may recognize the passage.

These penciled bits of novels will become a thing of the past; since the pandemic began I haven't sat in a coffee shop or written anywhere but on my computer. I miss that. Miss a lot of things. New York too.