July 4, 2017

A Meddling Week

Yeah, borrowed from The Woman in Black.

In case you were wondering, in my experience an author is not particularly anxious days before their book comes out. Things move slowly in the business: it's been a year and a half since contracts were signed, months since the last revision, and the agony of the wait fades as the deadline nears. By this time the author has held samples of the final book, read a lot of reviews (thank you for those!) and made their peace with what's been printed. So though they tell me there's a lot of buzz about Meddling Kids coming out on the 11th this month, I'm cool about it. No anxiety there.

It's the part about me getting a friggin visa so I can buy a last-minute plane ticket and be in the US to do signings and readings and feel the pulse of the book for myself--that is what's driving me UP THE F*CKING WALLS.