May 4, 2015

They're multiplying!

Assorted covers for The Supernatural Enhancements! *Eyes glittering*

From left to right and top to bottom:

  1. US paperback edition from Anchor Books, coming July 2015.
  2. UK paperback edition from DelRey, also coming July 2015.
  3. Le Monde Caché d'Axton House - French edition from Super8, translated by Paul Benita. Available since last April.
  4. El factor sobrenatural - Spanish edition from Minotauro, translated by Xavi Morató and myself. Coming on May 12. / Traducción al castellano de Xavi Morató y mía, editada por Minotauro, ¡disponible a partir del 12 de este mes! (Precompra | ¡más info en breve!)
  5. This one isn't real; it's just me experimenting on a lazy day.
  6. What the fuck is this doing here?